Weekend in LA – Part 4

Ice cream was a definite theme to our weekend in LA and there was an abundance of options to choose from.  We were in Mid-City and stopped in at Sweet Rose Creamery.  Sweet Rose Creamery offers a wide range of classic ice cream flavors as well as seasonal flavors.

Menu at Sweet Rose Creamery in Mid-City

Menu at Sweet Rose Creamery

You could get your ice cream in a cup, cone, or if you were feeling wild, they offer an affogato.  Affogato is an espresso shot poured over a scoop of ice cream.  Sweet Rose Creamy also serves Caffe Luxxe coffee and a selection of tea from The Art of Tea.

I sampled a couple of flavors and they were all so flavorful and rich.  I opted for Salted Caramel n a waffle cone, which is one of my favorite sweet flavors.  I have a thing for sweet & salty!  The girl behind the counter scooping up my ice cream asked me if I would like a fresh sprinkle of sea salt on top of my scoop.  Umm, yes…always yes!  The ice cream on its own was wonderfully sweet & salty, but the extra dash of sea salt put it over the edge.  Creamy dreamy!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream with a fresh sprinkle of sea salt on top from Sweet Rose Creamery

Salted Caramel Ice Cream with a fresh sprinkle of sea salt on top from Sweet Rose Creamery

While I was enjoying my ice cream, I noticed in the freezer case next to where we sat were packaged ice cream treats.  Perfect for grabbing on the go.  Sweet Rose Creamery sold individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches, vanilla bon-bons, chocolate dipped bananas and fudge pops.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sandwich and Honey Ginger Ice Cream Sandwich from Sweet Rose Creamery

Fudge Pops and Chocolate Dipped Bananas with pecans from Sweet Rose Creamery

Fudge Pops and Chocolate Dipped Bananas with pecans (optional) from Sweet Rose Creamery

Sweet Rose Creamery has 5 locations total around Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  If you have a chance, pop in for some goodness.

Sweet Rose Creamery | 7565 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036, (310) 260-2663 | Daily from 11AM to 11PM

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