Brunch at Bottega Americano

Every Mother’s Day we go to brunch with my whole family because moms, brunch and mimosas just pair together so well. This Mother’s Day we made a brunch reservation at Bottega Americano located in downtown San Diego’s East Village neighborhood. Bottega Americano is a charming Italian restaurant and marketplace with lots of wood, marble and copper accents, which made it a perfect setting for celebrating us moms.

Bottega Americano

Bottega Americano

Bottega Americano offers brunch every Saturday & Sunday with a seasonal food menu, a full coffee menu and an option of bottomless mimosas for $15 per person. Major selling point for me!

Bottega Americano Brunch Menu

Bottega Americano Brunch Menu

The marketplace has fresh baked pastries that change daily and can be ordered at the table, with treats like croissants, donuts, danishes etc.

Nutella Strawberry Danish

Nutella Strawberry Danish

We decided to start brunch with a Nutella Strawberry danish. As much as I love donuts, I couldn’t resist Nutella. The danish had two layers of Nutella in between puff pastry, topped with sliced strawberries and a white chocolate drizzle.

The brunch menu had a lot of great dishes that there was a struggle around our table as to what to order. Our party decided on an array of different entrees from omelets, hash, pizza and French Toast.

Braised Pork Shoulder Hash

Braised Pork Shoulder Hash, $16

I ordered the Braised Pork Shoulder Hash with two poached eggs, potatoes, green tomato salsa verde and pickled red onions. It was fantastic! I had a hard time keeping my husband’s fork out of my dish. The pork melted in your mouth and the pickled red onions brought in acidity to the dish that worked perfectly with the braised meat.

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza, $19

My sister and mom each had the Breakfast Pizza and I couldn’t help but sneak a slice. The Breakfast Pizza had two eggs,  mozzarella, fontina, prosciutto, bacon, caramelized onions and crispy potatoes. I didn’t think I would be a breakfast pizza kind of girl, but it turns out I am. It was perfectly cheesy, meaty and the crispy potatoes added a lovely texture.

Steamed Mussels

Steamed Mussels, $16

My dad ordered Steamed Mussels and it was the star of the show. The Steamed Mussels were cooked with chorizo, white wine, garlic-herb butter and calabrian chiles, then served with grilled bread. My next brunch outing to Bottega Americano, I am ordering mussels for myself. The mussels were very fresh, the sauce was so phenomenal that my dad asked for extra grilled bread so we could all sop up the broth. This dish does not disappoint!

Baked French Toast

Baked French Toast, $13

If you prefer a sweet entree for brunch, Bottega Americano has a Baked French Toast, which is served with mascarpone whipped cream, toasted almonds, local berries, caramel and maple syrup. I had a bite of my brother-in-law’s French Toast and wished I had it as a second breakfast. Typically, when we go out to brunch I like to order a sweet dish as dessert but on this particular day I was too full from eating my entree and some of everyone else’s entrees. Next time I will get my own French Toast, no doubt!

I really enjoyed my brunch experience at Bottega Americano and will be back to try more dishes as well as grab dinner there soon.

Bottega Americano | 1195 Island Ave • San Diego, CA 92101 | Brunch 10am – 3pm Sat & Sun

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