Nomad Donuts

Vanilla Bean Glazed

A few months ago these donuts started popping up on my Instagram feed from a new gourmet donut shop called, Nomad Donuts located in North Park, San Diego.  I needed to learn more about the source so I started following @nomaddonuts myself on Instagram, which was dangerous but very helpful because they post each day’s donut menu the night before.  That leaves me to often dream about their unique flavors, like Blood Orange Meringue, Ube Taro Coconut, Thai Tea donut holes, and “Good ‘ol Donuts” like Vanilla Bean glazed donuts.  Each day they also offer a few different flavors of Vegan donuts, which I have ordered and really enjoyed.  In addition to donuts, Nomad also offers espresso and coffee from Zumbar Coffee, plus teas and lemonade.


Cold brew coffee with coffee ice cubes. YES…coffee ice cubes!

Nomad Donuts is a quint little shop, which I can see them growing out of fast.  They recently expanded their kitchen so they have more space to produce their gourmet donuts. I would prefer them to take up more room for themselves to do their thing, so I did not mind the remodel at all.  You walk in, see the donuts of the day displayed on stacks of books, which is cute and unique.  Once you have your donuts there is a corner next to the register for fixing up any drinks you may have ordered.  I could not resist their cold brew coffee because it comes with coffee ice cubes.  Yes, please!  And I was happy to see they offer Almond Milk in addition to half & half and milk for your coffee or tea.


The donut line-up at Nomad Donuts when you walk in the door.

A few Sundays now my husband and I have stopped in at Nomad Donuts for our fix.  Those visits are typically driven by their menu preview and much to my husband’s dismay I wake him up bright and early so we can head out.  He is not a morning person so he does not always find this amusing until he starts thinking about donuts.


On this visit we were all about the Vanilla Bean Glazed donuts and Lavender Sugar donut holes.


Box one of two from our first dozen Nomad Donuts.


Box two of two from our first dozen Nomad Donuts. The Thai Iced Tea donut holes have been my most favorite flavor yet.

All of the people behind the counter have been so nice, laid back and pleasant, which is another reason we keep coming back.  No hipster pretentious attitude here!  You can tell they are passionate about their product and don’t mind sharing their favorite flavors that day, rather than just saying “all of them.”

Side note: if you ever see Salted Caramel S’more donut on the menu, do not hesitate to get there fast.  LIFE.CHANGING.DONUT!  My husband and I both said it was the best donut we had ever had!  The center was filled with a fresh made marshmallow fluff.


Salted Caramel S’more donut!!! Plus, a Churro Con Chocolate and Peach Dulce de Leche. YUM!

If you are a local or visiting San Diego, please make sure you stop in at Nomad Donuts in North Park.  You will not be disappointed!

Nomad Donuts | 4504 30th St.; 619-431-5000

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