Tortilla Jo’s Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

I was invited to Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney to take part in their special Dia de Los Muetros celebration, happening October 27th thru November 2nd.

(Photo Courtesy of Patina Restaurant Group)

Since I had a visit planned to Disneyland on Sunday with my family, I opted to take them up on their invite and attend the Pre-Celebration Kids Event.

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

We sat outside on the patio close to the Kids Event so my youngest son could play while we were close by. The Dia de Los Muertos Pre-celebration had different stations set-up for kids with complimentary Face Painting, Cookie Decorating, Pumpkin Painting, and Arts & Crafts.

Complimentary Face Painting – In the background you may notice there were 4 different options kids could pick from to be painted on their face, arm or hand.


When you can’t decide on a design and go for a second complimentary body paint.


Complimentary Sugar Cookie Decorating – Kids could pick from a ghost, pumpkin or cat sugar cookie to decorate themselves with various tinted frosting, sprinkles and candies.


He is so proud of his ghost cookie!


Complimentary Pumpkin Decorating – The kids could pick out a pumpkin to decorate with markers.


Complimentary Coloring Page – There were lots of fun Halloween coloring pages to choose from, colorful markers, and paint.

As far as the Dia de Los Muertos special menu, Tortilla Jo’s is offering a 3-course menu for $32. It consists of an Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert. However, you can also order off of the special menu a la carte. The menu also has really fun specialty cocktails, which are sold separately.

Dia de Los Muertos Menu (available through November 2nd)

I started off our lunch with ordering the Day of the Dead Cocktail. It consist of Reposado Tequila, fresh lime juice, abd grapefruit soda. Whenever I see a cocktail with grapefruit juice, I cannot resist! The Day of the Dead Cocktail did not let me down, it was refreshing, not too sweet, and really had a kick to it.

Nothing like starting a meal with chips, salsa and a Day of the Dead Cocktail!

For our entrees, my husband ordered Steak Street Tacos, my oldest son ordered a Beef & Bean burrito, which he got chimi’d. We loved this idea! You could add “chimi” to any burrito for $2 extra and they will deep fry your burrito, thus making it a chimichanga. For myself, I decided to order an entree off of the Dia de Los Muertos menu, Tamales de Mole Negro. It is beef tamales wrapped in banana leaves, served with sour cream, Queso Fresco, and pickled red onions. My husband and I decided to split our lunches once he saw my tamales. It was definitely a big winner in our eyes! We nearly cleaned the plate with trying to get every morsel of mole sauce off of it. No shame…ha!

Not a bad lunch!

My youngest was too busy hopping from station-to-station and had just ate at Disneyland, all he wanted was Mini Churros off of the Kid’s Menu. The churros are filled with Dulce de Leche and served in a paper bag, which he thought was fun. He was happy with his choice! And to top it off a balloon artist came to our table while he was eating dessert, so leaving with a T-Rex balloon had him floating on cloud 9.

Kid’s Menu Mini Churros filled with Dulce de Leche

Thursday, November 2nd is the final day of the Dia de Los Muertos celebration. The party is from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The Grammy winning Mariachi’s Divas will be playing , plus face painting, photo ops and complimentary Tequila Tasting. Wish I was there!

My family and I have been visiting Tortilla Jo’s for years on Disneyland visits. The food is great, the have awesome Happy Hour deals, and deep fried ice cream. We have also consistently had great service, which helps bring us back for more.

Annual Passholder discounts apply at Tortilla Jo’s.

Parking at Downtown Disney | 2 hours FREE parking inside the Downtown Disney® District parking lot with a $20 purchase.

Tortilla Jo’s | Downtown Disney® District • 1510 Disneyland Drive • Anaheim, CA 92802

Our meal was hosted by Patina Restaurant Group, but the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of Patina Restaurant Group or Tortilla Jo’s.

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