Soda & Swine at Liberty Station

Soda & Swine is a creative meatball eatery with lots of small to medium sized bites. We visited the Liberty Station location. It has a gold bar, old-fashioned looking baking area with pies on display, sunroofs adding lots of natural light, wood covered walls, a 20-foot foosball table that works as a community table, plenty of seating, and an outdoor patio with more seating.

You order your food upon entering Soda & Swine, then seat yourself and your food is brought to you. You can also order from their wide selection of sodas. On the other side of the registers are the pies, they have a couple different types of apple pies, seasonal treats and soft serve ice cream. The next stop is the bar, it is a full bar where you can order a cocktail, wine, beer (lots of local crafts), and if you are feeling funky, a champagne slushy.

We got some suggestions on what to order for lunch from the employee at the register. You can check out their menu here for yourself. Soda & Swine has several meatballs to choose from, such as, smoked pork, chorizo, chicken, beef and quinoa meatballs. You can order your meatball as a slider, submarine, spaghetti, or 3 meatballs in a skillet with sauce and cheese.  Once we picked our meatballs, we ordered some sides as well and set off for a table. The food started to arrive quickly, but not everything came out at once. We liked this system since we ordered a bunch of different items to give a try so it was like having appetizers, entrees and dessert.

Fried Pizza Knots

Fried Pizza Knots

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City Tacos

City Tacos is a Taquería located in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. I would describe City Tacos as true Mexican flavors and traditions with a touch of Southern California influences.

City Tacos in North Park, San Diego

City Tacos in North Park, San Diego

City Tacos offers an array of different tacos, such as chorizo, chili relleno, seafood, pollo & carne asada and much more.  They also have vegan options. This taco loving girl was completely content with their taco filled menu. However, my teenage son (for reasons I do not understand) does not like corn tortillas and was less than thrilled when we first arrived about the prospect of tacos for lunch until we saw City Tacos has flour tortillas in addition to corn tortillas so he was in. Continue reading

Liberty Public Market

We recently checked out the new Liberty Public Market at Liberty Station.  Liberty Public Market offers the best fresh and local flavors. It reminded me of Grand Central Market with the rustic environment and prepared foods, produce, seafood, pasta, beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, pastries and desserts.

Liberty Public Market at Liberty Station

Liberty Public Market at Liberty Station

We first went to the market on a Saturday at lunch time. It was pretty packed, but manageable. Once inside the market my family and I split up because we all wanted to try something different. For me my first stop was coffee at The WestBean Coffee Roasters. They offer lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, cold brews, and even Nitro cold brew coffee on tap. My eyes were drawn to their Salted Caramel latte. I wanted an iced, but for some reason the word “iced” never escaped my lips. It wasn’t a problem because the latte was superb! Next visit I will go iced for sure. Continue reading

Nomad Donuts

Vanilla Bean Glazed

A few months ago these donuts started popping up on my Instagram feed from a new gourmet donut shop called, Nomad Donuts located in North Park, San Diego.  I needed to learn more about the source so I started following @nomaddonuts myself on Instagram, which was dangerous but very helpful because they post each day’s donut menu the night before.  That leaves me to often dream about their unique flavors, like Blood Orange Meringue, Ube Taro Coconut, Thai Tea donut holes, and “Good ‘ol Donuts” like Vanilla Bean glazed donuts.  Each day they also offer a few different flavors of Vegan donuts, which I have ordered and really enjoyed.  In addition to donuts, Nomad also offers espresso and coffee from Zumbar Coffee, plus teas and lemonade. Continue reading