Marceline’s Confectionery at Halloween Time

In case you didn’t know, you can find most of the handcrafted goodies from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure at Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney® District, without the cost of a park ticket. I like being able to stop in there and take the treats to go before heading home and avoid having them smashed in my backpack from hopping ride to ride.

Marcelino's Confectionery in Downtown Disney

Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney

When you step inside Marceline’s Confectionery you feel like you have stepped inside an old-fashioned candy shop, which was named after the small Missouri town where Walt lived as a boy.

The most precious Halloween garland!

The most precious Halloween garland!

I especially like stopping in during the Holidays to check out all of the adorable Halloween trinkets on display. There is such attention to detail in the garland pictured above, even down to the masked pumpkins. And can we talk about the Mickey pumpkins on the shelves?! I would love one of those for home.

I wouldn't mind some of these items to add to my home decor.

Oversized treats, spiders and black cats…eek!

I wouldn’t mind some of these items to add to my home decor. How cute would these giant specialty apples be on display in a kitchen?! And the Donald & Goofy pumpkin they must consider selling.

Halloween Decor and Treats

Halloween Decor and Treats

When you walk in you are greeted by tables of Halloween decor and pre-packaged goodies, such as Rice Krispy Treats and candy corn.

Treat Display Case

Treat Display Case

My happy place is standing in front of a Disney treat case! As I said above, you can find most of the park treats here at Marceline’s. Even if you are spending the day at Downtown Disney without going inside the park, you can still indulge on the handmade goodies. Cake pops, Rice Krispy Treats, cookies, fudge, cupcakes and more.

Since it is Halloween Time I wanted to check out how much Marceline’s had to offer in the way of Halloween treats. I was pleasantly surprised. The only item missing on my visit was the Poison Apple Cake Pop, but they had it in stock the night before when I walked by.

Maleficent Rice Krispy Treats


Mickey & Minnie Dia De Los Muertos Rice Krispy Treats


Mummy & Pumpkin Mickey Rice Krispy Treats


Halloween Marshmallow Wands


Mummy & Pumpkin Mickey Cake Pops


Dia De Los Muertos Cake Pops

Dia De Los Muertos Cake Pops


Red Velvet Mickey Pumpkin Cake Pop

We ended up leaving with a Red Velvet Pumpkin Cake Pop, since the day before we ate our way through Disneyland’s Halloween treats. I thought it was clever to make the inside red velvet. You felt like you were really enjoying a spooky treat.

Halloween Treats

As I walked out I spied the cutest popcorn buckets, lollipops and Halloween mugs.

Mickey Jack Skellington Specialty Apples

Mickey Jack Skellington Specialty Apples

Outside of Marceline’s you can watch the candy makers hand create treats. Most of what you see inside the store is baked, spun and dipped on the premises each day, so it is kind of fun to stand there and watch the magic happen. When I was there the candy makers were all busy working on specialty apples. I was a little entranced at the display window, my family had to tear me away!

Annual Passholder discounts apply at Marceline’s Confectionery.

Parking at Downtown Disney | 2 hours FREE parking inside the Downtown Disney® District parking lot.

Marceline’s Confectionery | Downtown Disney® District • 1580 Disneyland Drive • Anaheim, CA 92802

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